The Smart Way to Ensure Peace of Mind about your Future

Peace of mind is hard to find, but our planner gives you just that. The sooner you plan the more you can achieve. Our step-by-step goals planner makes sure you got your future covered. Goals can simply be altered or added in coming months and years to account for important life changes. Get peace of mind and start covering your goals for free now.

How it Works

We guide you through quick and simple steps to help you define your goals. Our algorithm then recommends low cost and secure ETFs to cover those goals. To soften the burden the investment can be made over 5 annual investments over the first 5 years to reach goals that can be around the corner or 30 or more years into the future. Our Portfolio of investment recommendation use the safest ETFs there are from the largest Investment Houses, all funds have a track record of over 5 years and Assets Under Management of over $300 million, meaning they are going to be around for a while.

What Next?

Once you are done you can export your generated goals portfolio to Excel for free and discuss it with your local bank and financial advisor and invest it with them or invest it yourself. Come back anytime to your portfolio to see suggested changes to your portfolio or to alter your goals and generate an updated portfolio.

Navigate Market s (...they are coming eventually)

Review and change your goals at any time. Also, having a Goals-based portfolio unlike a traditional portfolio makes you much less susceptible to market turbulence. It is not simply a diversified portfolio, but each goal is an independent investment. This is true long-term planning, that will keep your mind at ease, even during the biggest market turbulences. This article from Forbes describes the issue quite nicely.
Why Goals-based Investing

No Benchmarks

At the end of your life, saying 'I beat the S&P by 3 percent' doesn't mean anything. But if you say, 'I invested well, I had a nice house, my kids went to a good school,' that's something. Today goals-based wealth management has begun to take hold amongst the investment community. Like Liability Driven Investing, the goals-based approach has sought to emphasize unique client goals in favor of a singular focus on risk tolerance and market benchmarks "
- Ashvin Chhabra, former chief investment officer at Bank of America's Merrill Lynch

Gradually Defining Goals

“People do not know their risk tolerance. They cannot predict how they will react to something like the financial crisis. But Goals-based investing is easier to say than to implement. Most young people cannot even imagine being old, much less thinking about what financial needs they would have. So it makes sense to form goals in stages.”
- Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize in Economics and Professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Navigate Market Turbulence

"I can tell you that using goals-based investing makes periods like 2008 incredibly easy to handle"
- Brunel of Brunel Associates

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